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Jade 青豆 (QingDou)

    Creative Writing Advisor / Mentor + Seattle Regional Community Leader

    Jade is a staunch feminist activist who has previously worked as an intern at a women’s organization, actively dedicating herself to promoting women’s rights.

    She pursued a doctoral degree in Gender Studies at the University of Washington in the United States, where she served as a teaching assistant and taught independent courses, contributing her expertise to the exploration of gender equality issues.

    Furthermore, Jade holds a master’s degree in literature and is an experienced writing enthusiast, using words as a medium to convey her thoughts and perspectives.

    UPWomxn Creative Writing Workshop

    • Overcome Writing Barriers: Break through the mental blocks that have been holding back your creativity. Discover techniques to unleash your writing prowess effortlessly.
    • Learn Writing Techniques: Master the art of storytelling with a range of innovative and classical techniques that will transform the way you write.
    • Explore Identity Recognition: Delve into the depths of your identity and express it through words. Learn how your unique perspective can enrich your writing.
    • Document Life Stories: Transform your experiences, memories, and observations into compelling narratives. Find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    • Build a Writing Community Together: Join a supportive and vibrant community of fellow writers. Share, critique, and grow together in a nurturing environment.
    • Heal Each Other Through Writing: Discover the therapeutic power of writing. Explore how sharing stories can foster healing and understanding.




    UPWomxn 创意写作工作坊







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